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Being Happy- A plan that worked well


Being Happy


Hello chums! 👋 I really wanna share my “Being happy” plan, that worked well for me. Firstly, Congratulations! to you. Coz you are already on the way to happiness as you wanted to know more about it.. 

I realised that, we may not feel happy for the things, that make others happy. Right? 🤷‍♂️

Yes! Happiness differs for every person. Although the feeling is same to everyone, the cause and the intensity differs certainly.

But the truth is that some things make everyone happy – like the Success, Good food, Being with loved ones etc. So let’s look into those common things first.

1. Good Health for being happy 

Being Happy


A) Mental Health

Both Mental and Physical health are important in achieving Happiness. Mental health revolves around the words like

Happiness, Peace, Self Esteem, Simplicity, Positivity, Generosity, Gratitude, Relaxation etc.


Mental health is the most underrated topic.

But it is coming out of the shade these days. Then what Mental health exactly mean? Being happy all the time? “No” is the answer.

Mental health is being mentally balanced. I will come again. It is the balance of our response towards the situations of life we face.

It’s being well and being able to cope up with the situations. Dealing with all the emotions like Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Dissatisfaction, Vexation. Because they are all equally important to lead a balanced life.

If you are able to produce all these feelings, then believe me you are perfectly alright! 👍what makes us more good at life is, a balance of all these.

Do you know? – Suppression of emotions lead to cancerous tendencies, according to research results. So why suppress, when you are gifted enough to show them.


So in this search of happiness, balancing others emotions is the best way I found. Then what are those, which direct us that way. Here, they are my friend:

Mental Health Boosters:
  • Believing in you – Who could believe you more than yourself? As you are reading all this now, you are gifted with a good nervous system, a good zeal, a good eyesight, a good cerebrum🧠 as you are able to learn all these. Then with all these gifts, why can’t we do something we wish for? So start believing!

  • Doing what you love – Following the passion is what you get into mind when u hear the phrase – Do what you love. Yes, follow and chase them.

    List out all of your favourite things to do, which you love yourself to get indulged in. Then here comes a tip for you. 

Tip : Always assess your favourite things, well I will explain what it is.

    1. Wanna have a piece of cake- Quite okay
    2. Want to enjoy dancing to a song- yes, go for it.
    3. Feel like beating her – stop! This may make you happy but the other one sad.
      This is not your intention anyway. so quit it.

So this is the example I used, to explain you about assessment. Go with the good interests, throw away the bad ones.

  • Pushing away the negativity – All humans may be good, but not all vibes. We may come across many people in our lives whom we can’t really bear with, who affect our thoughts or feelings negatively.

    This is quite common and the only solution is to be away from them. 🙅‍♀️ Avoid negativity. If you really can’t avoid them, at least practice to be ignorant of their deeds n words. This really helps! coz no matter how good you be, negativity always draws you back.

  • Keeping a Goal – A goal less person in life is like a ship in the ocean without a compass. No direction, No destiny. So Know yourself, your dreams, your goals. List them out and revise every single day. This boosts you and directs you to the target.

  • Meditating – You might have heard many people saying meditation is magical. Even I say the same. 😁 If you never tried it, try meditating immediately. Don’t forget to know, what exactly it is before starting. Start with the basic form and try various types of meditation slowly to finally find the best one that suits you.

B) Physical health : 

Physical health revolves around the words like

Fitness, Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Energy, Good Appetite, Proper Sleep, Regular Activities etc.

 Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. 

Well, you started practising good mental health boosters, but what if a bodily problem suffers you? Won’t you be affected mentally too? Yes, of course. Both mind and the body are important for a human.

Physical health is something that is functional. Our body must perform certain functions both voluntary and involuntary on a daily basis, hour basis, second basis for us to lead a life. Amazing is how every cell really works every second for us. so thankful right?

So to be grateful to every cell that’s working for us, or at least to be selfish about our own health, We must do some good to it. Agree? Let’s look what things help us in doing so:

Physical Health boosters :
  • Exercise – The most expected answer, Yet the most new one. Let me tell you this, imagine an old car 🚙 abandoned on road, with all the dust over it and also with wear and tear of the parts. Can you run it? Forget about running, can you even sit in the car without cleaning it? I know it’s a big ‘No.’ Then comes a new car 🚗 or a good serviced car with well equipped smoothly working parts. This new car is the exercised body.

    Exercise is such a good service you can give to your body. And for me the satisfaction that I’m doing it gives more happiness than the actual change in my body. Undoubtedly it affects our happy hormones. So I don’t think you still need an excuse to exercise.

  • Diet & Regimen – I always deny a notion that ”Healthy foods are not tasty” it’s never that my friend. Try it cooking yourself, there lies the magic. A strong commitment and desire to eat good, helps you. Always Keep saying to you, “I’m good at controlling my cravings” 🙊 Remember, Weak minds loose control!

  • Nutrition – Although it includes the above topic, this is a deep look I can say. Nutrition is knowing more deeply about the needs of body. A very good subject. If you can’t afford searching this, I can definitely clarify you such topics. Click here to know ‘What is Nutrition – Basics, Types of nutrients & Foods‘.

  • Proper sleep – Sleep, our most favourite time. Be it A tough day or the happiest day, sleep make you forget both. It’s a blessing that we all have got by default. So plan it properly and spare enough time to it. Insomnia (sleeplessness) is such a bad guy, We should never befriend with. If you have any such issues, clarify them soon.


2. Family & Friends – Role in being happy 

Being Happy

Here, I love to be more practical.

I know, not everyone is blessed with a good understanding family and friend circle. I see some people still struggling with their close ones. So I tell you both the ways.

  • For the one with a good support from family and friends : I say that you are lucky but never forget your part to make them also feel the same. Troubles start when you take them for granted and give nothing to them.

    Remember relationships are always two sided. You give it, you get it. I agree there would be some situations, where you don’t get in return, what you give them, then wait my dear. Wait for them. Understand their issues too. Life is a boomerang and u know it returns back to you whether good or back.

      • Major issues I see in relationships are due to the Obsession or the possessiveness. Shockingly both have good and bad sides. I Will now mention a cheesy line that struck my mind on a fine day. “Love yourself, but not only you. Love someone, but not more than you”. This is the simple solution I can say. Never love someone too badly, coz you are letting them invade you by that.

      • Spread your love and keep the ‘key’ of your ‘Happiness lock’ in your own pocket and give those duplicate keys 🔑 to many others but never hand it over to a single person. So that no single person can hurt you more. Never miss to maintain true relationship, in the busy of maintaining many.

        Nothing wrong in having many friends or very few friends, What matters is how you take them. You may maintain many friends but having a closer circle is mandatory, not everyone should get included in your closer circle. Be wise and choose. ☝🏼 Nothing wrong in choosing a friend, for it is the boon you have.

  • Coming to the ones with not so supportive family or friends : We know, the kind of family you get is not in your hands. So cool down, that’s not at all your fault.🤷‍♂️ Try your best to understand your family members or friends views, open up your things and feelings to them for which they might not understand you totally, but at least they can sense that you are being true and genuine in expressing your feelings with them.🙂 That changes a lot dude.

      • Try to vent out your emotions, opinions, wishes. Do not let them feel doubtful that you are hiding something from them.

        What if, they hurt you all the time? Please hear it. I mean just hear it, don’t take it into heart. Become a stone hearted one, where no word can really influence you negatively. I know saying it is simple but doing it is difficult. But difficulties become easy when done repeatedly, they say.

      • Never rush to have a friend, wait for it to happen. You can find friends in different age groups, so don’t ignore them.friends are someone who teach you, share your tough times.

        But at the same time, It’s totally you who should lead your life irrespective of how many friends you have. Never think too much, somethings happen even without you being worrying about them.😊


3. Spirituality – A weapon for being happy 



  • Spirituality is not something about God and the prayers, as many feel. In-fact it is an invisible and unexplainable thing.

    It is knowing the meaning, purpose, energy and essence of the life, it is getting aware of your invisible energy and Connecting yourself with that unknown energy, that’s driving you all through. Many describe it as a third most aspect after physical and mental aspects of life.

    In my words it’s a battery 🔋 that is to be recharged every time to charge you. I mentally feel so weak when I’m spiritually low. Here I want to clarify you something.

      • Spirituality is not a constant, it is dynamic according to me. It keeps changing. I feel it to be low, when I get busy in my worldly needs and schedules. Then I suddenly realise that I need to give some space to myself.

        That space that I give myself recharges my spiritual battery and boosts me up. I rethink about my life and rely on my beliefs. So, what you think about in your space is something of your choice.

        Be it a positive incident, life lesson, your birth, your strengths 💪🏻, weaknesses, your God or to be more precise, something which gives you a super positive supportive vibe and assurance. So a spiritually low person is seen always in depression or seen diving in an ocean of chaos.
Spiritual boosters – 
  • Preachings- Whatever the religion you may belong to, or even if you are an atheist, believe me, preachings contain more of life leading techniques than the religious content.🤘 So choose proper, updated preachers and listen to them occasionally. It helps you to deal with problems of life, especially during difficult times.
  • Meditation- Meditation, also known as ‘Dhyanam’ was well followed by ancient saints in India, who could procure great intuitive powers by it. Such is the power of meditation in improving our concentration, intuition and cognition. Not just the history, even science suggests and declares the use of meditation to mankind.
  • Being close to nature- Who doesn’t love nature? everyone does. But I hope you to be the one who feels it the most. I still remember those days, where I used to sit idle and look at the nature for hours together, but left with nothing.

    Later in my life I started grasping something from it and found it more interesting. Feeling the nature is observing it, liking it, respecting it. If observed well nature teaches us the harmony, punctuality and the peace, which directs us in a right way.✔️


4. Profession – Our power in being happy 


  • Profession is something which defines you. Not totally, but yes almost. It is something which stays with you, all through the life. “A power to you and a power of you”. It is something where you can prove and know yourself, your capabilities and skills. Profession shows a major impact on life, so giving your blood and sweat is never gonna get wasted.

    Choose your profession according to your best skills and interests. If you don’t love your profession that you are in, try to dig out your others interests that can be made into your lifelines.

      • Value what you have. I feel, the Respect for our profession starts right from our end. Inferiority or superiority complex both can’t give a good life. At the same time, being practical in our approach helps like hell. Social relationships👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 too play a good role in our professional life. Professional growth gives us a large dose of confidence which uplifts the life. Thus leading to a happier life.


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Profession boosters – 
  • Confidence- Believing your skills and yourself is the key here. Myself as a student, used to have a lot of inferiority, but what made me confident later, is my hard-work and  getting aware of my abilities. Confidence is a strong pillar.
  • Getting updated- In this competitive world, running just makes you to be in a position where you already were, but to be in top place, you must literally leap forward. Improvising and updating the skills 📅, is the only option we are left with.
  • Resilience- No matter in what position we are in our lives, hard times come and go. How we get back is what decides our future. So resilience is the gift.
  • Social life balance- We human beings live in societies and communities.A good social life is must in coping up with our situations. All our efforts go in vain if not socialised properly.

These are the things I found, that make happiness in almost everyone’s life. But, what are the things that make ‘you’ happy specially? Ever thought of them? Well, Check out how to list them out. Here is my article, that would really give you a new approach with a happy formula- How to live happy – A Personalised Plan & Formula.

And also let me know, how it helped you.😊

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