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Covid 19 – What to do when we get the symptoms?


Covid 19

Everyone of us by this time is very much aware of the symptoms of Covid 19 and the things to do to prevent it like :

  • Wearing mask
  • Sanitizing
  • Social distancing

But, what to do when you get symptoms or when you met someone recently, who has tested positive? Let me (being a doctor) clarify your doubts in depth.

The Next level things you need to know about Covid 19 are:

  1. When to get the covid test done?
  2. Where to go for the test?
  3. How to go for the test?
  4. What to do after the test ?
  5. What to do after testing Positive or Negative
  6. Guidelines for treating Covid 19 at Home

1. When to get the Covid 19 test done?

  1. If you met someone who has tested positive
  2. When you went near a Hotspot area like the hospitals.
  3. If you have attended an Event or Gathering or a Rush place.

When you have the below mentioned things.

Symptoms :

  • Cold
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Body pains
  • Weakness
  • Breathlessness (Main Symptom)
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhoea

So, go for the test within 3-4 days. Donot forget to differentiate it from the normal cold and fever.

2. Where to go for a Covid 19 test?

Here we have three choices.

1. Government Hopitals
2. Private labs suggested by Government
3. Private hospitals

  • Which one is the best?

    • As the Test result of Government hospitals is more genuine compared to the Private hospitals, It’s better to prefer Government test. (It’s not possible for everyone to stand in the most lengthiest queues at the government hospitals. Then they must spend some thousands at private labs which is inevitable)
  • What do we need for Private lab test?

    • A prescription by your Family Physician or a near by Physician mentioning your symptoms if any. They will test you after filling up the ICMR form.
  • Corporate hospitals :

    • They conduct tests in their Covid OP Ward, Admit if tested positive and send back if tested negative.

All theses Test centres explain the procedure one has to follow if tested positive.

3. How to go for the test?

  • Car is the best means of transport as chances of spreading the virus in the route is low. Wear a mask always.
  • If you prefer going on a bike, make sure to wear a mask, full sleeves, gloves and sanitize as frequent as possible.
  • Going by auto or any public means of transport is not suggestible, but if you are supposed to do so, make sure to wear N95 mask or wear two masks, if it is a cloth one. Take utmost care as you may carry the infection. You never know the result unless you get tested.

4. What to do after the test?

Usually, it takes about 2-3 days to get the result.
So don’t forget to isolate yourself at home. As you may be infectious.

Special mention: Isolate strictly, as if you are a positive patient, to protect other members of your family.


  • What to do at the Test centre?

    • Maintain social distance.
    • Cover when you cough or sneeze.
    • Wear a mask of good quality.
    • Don’t talk to others unless needed.
    • Be careful of what you touch outside and avoid touching face.
    • Remember, you never know who is infected and who is not.

Covid 19


5. What to do after getting the Covid 19 Positive or Negative results ?

  • Tested Positive :

    • Don’t get panic! You can fight it. You have three options.
If Symptoms are present :
  1. If you are financially good and can afford, get admitted in the Private or Corporate hospitals. Make sure you get an idea of the amount you have to pay before getting admitted, itself.
  2. To Get admitted into a government hospital. Amidst of many issues, Government hospitals are economically affordable and a layman can have no option other than this.
  3. If your symptoms are mild and bearable, and if you have a good support from a Family Doctor or if you have a Doctor in your family to take care, then opt for self and Home Isolation. You can also get cured at home. Be very careful in isolating, avoid touching the family members. Follow all the measures advised:
    • Get the Home packages or kit from Government.
    • Inform and be in touch with the Government doctors on call.
    • Use Homeopathic or Ayurvedic medicines by consulting the respective doctors on call.
    • Follow the below mentioned, Guidelines. 👇
If no Symptoms are present :
  1. Home isolation
  2. Take Home packages or kits given by government
  3. Follow the Guidelines given below 👇
  • Tested Negative :

Take Preventive measures with much care so that you will not land into the doubt of getting Covid.

6. Guidelines for treating Covid 19 at Home :

    • Regular and Nutritious Diet: Don’t change the diet that you take daily. Add some few healthy foods instead.
    • Take Multivitamin tablets ( B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D)
    • Take Hot foods – as they can Reduce the infection, Reduce the symptoms, Can give comfort
    • Steam Inhalation – as it clears the airways.
    • Drink the kashayam as suggested by Ayurvedic doctors.
    • Consult a Homoeopathic Doctor, for the medicine, as it can relieve your symptoms and also boost the Immunity by production of Antibodies.
    • Perform Pranayama – It is mandatory, as it regulates the respiratory process and stimulates the vagus nerve, which keeps you mentally relaxed too.
    • Take a break from your work life and spend your time on hobbies, as they can divert your mind and can really control your stress hormones which helps in combating the disease.


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A Note of Care : Covid is also the same, as the other diseases we usually face in our lives. But the reason we are caring for it more is, because it has become a Pandemic.

But to be honest, we are dealing with the most dangerous diseases in a very wrong way through out our lives.

All the Guidelines given are the basic things to follow for a healthy life. Even though you are not tested positive, follow them, spend time on your health, both mental and physical. Always try on the Alternative systems of Medicine, as you find major solutions there.

Caution : Any negligence from your side, affects mainly you and your family members first. Then comes the society.

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  1. This is so informative, especially to a common man regarding present covid-19 situation.. Herbal n Praanaayaama Tips r so useful n needed too.. Thank you


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