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Healthy Indian drinks for Immunity – Benefits and Nutritional values



Healthy Indian drinks:

Immunity boosting drinks🍹, have become a part and parcel of our lives, playing a good role in our diets. Infact, they are the simplest ways to get healthy.

But, do you know? Indians have a good list of such healthy drinks, which are very well introduced into our daily lives by our ancestors.

Most of us left them behind, in these busy schedules. Let’s have a look at them and restart using them for Immunity boosting.

Drinks for Immunity:


1. Kashayam:

kashayam is an Indian Ayurvedic potion, which can be made with many herbs. It is made by boiling the water with medicinal leaves in it, like a decoction.

All the wonderful medicinal properties of the herbs can be taken in, by this method. Vaamu kashayam is mainly used for the digestive troubles and Tulasi kashayam for the fevers, cold and immunity.

2. Turmeric milk:

This an age Old one drink. Also called the Ayurvedic Golden milk. Antioxidants in turmeric, kills cancer.

It also acts a good detoxifier, blood purifier, diabetes regulator and a mood lifter. It is best drink for the antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial actions.

3.Tamarind rasam:

Also called the Chintapandu charu or Puli rasam, is the one of the dishes of Indian meals. Tamarind, is a good dietary fibre and keeps constipation at a bay.

This rasam has many ingredients in it, like the coriander, chilli powder, hing, cumin powder and seasoning.

All these make it, helpful in digestion, good bowel movements and rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. Ginger tea:

Also called Allam Chai or Adrak Chai is the tea made with the essence of Ginger roots. It tastes really good and also is medicine for nausea , morning sickness, stomach ache, joint pains.

5. Raagi malt:

Also known as Ragi java is a malt made of Ragi (finger millet). It is found in south India and people who use it claim tha,t it as a very effective food for diabetes and weight loss.

Ragi is the best and the cheapest source for Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein and Fibre. Many ingredients can be added in it, to make it tastier.

Sugary malt and salty malt are the main two types.

6. Buttermilk or Lassi :

Traditionally, it is the liquid left after churning the butter. Indian traditional diets suggest taking it after the meals and also as a regular drink for summer. It is rich in Probiotics, Vitamin B, Calcium.

7. Paanakam:

This is the recipe or drink, made especially for the festival of Sri Rama navami. Jaggery, pepper, cardamom, edible camphor are the main ingredients. This is designed according to the seasonal needs.

Sri Rama Navami is celebrated in the summer season every year, the heat in the body is brought down, by this combination of jaggery and pepper and also by Vadapappu, which is taken along with it. This drink is rich in Iron, magnesium and aids in digestion too.

8. Lemon honey water:

A good diet plan of a day, starts with this drink. Warm water with lemon and honey in it, is a good hydrating, detoxifying, immunity boosting potion.

It is well known for effectiveness in weightloss as it shrinks the fat cells. It’s fresh taste rejuvenates us and keep us refreshing, for the whole day.

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Do you know? A great Indian revolutionary, called Sri Potti Sreeramulu, undertook a hunger strike for 56 days for a statehood. What he took is, only a glass of Lemon honey water daily, during the hunger strike.

Hope you include these drinks, into your diets, as they are the easiest and best sources of all the nutrients and can really help a lot in boosting the immunity.

Don’t forget to have a good drink🍸 today!

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