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What is Gratitude Journal? Secret Tips and ideas


Gratitude Journal


I’m the one, who started writing Gratitude journal and discontinued it just after few days.🙊This made me to learn more about it and implement with some new ideas for the next time and obviously, that’s a success.

If you are also in this list or want to know more about it, Welcome! I’m here to share all the experiences.

What is a Gratitude journal?

Journal is something, that we record our events and experiences in a personal way. Gratitude, as you all know is a feeling of thankfulness for something good that happened to you.

So, keeping a Gratitude journal is a writing all the positive things that happened to you in a day, that you are thankful to.

This keeps you in a track of being positive and more importantly changes your life a lot.
Do you want to know, how it changes? Yes, let me tell.


Benefits of Using Gratitude Journal :

  • Reduced stress levels: By writing down the things in mind and revising the good happened, daily stress flies away.
  • Balanced life: As you can really have a harmony with your feelings.
  • Clarity: You get a mental clarity, on what’s going in your life.
  • Learning: You learn more about yourself, in the process.
  • No judgment: As no one looks at your journal, you have freedom to write anything and in any way, without judgement.
  • Noticing: You will notice, all the little things that happen to you.
  • New Perspective: You will know, what you really love and adore, as it reflects your thoughts.
  • Negativity: This is thrown away definitely, as you are busy in enjoying all the Positivity.
  • Accomplishment: A contented and accomplished feeling comes, as you record your ideas.
  • Visualization: You can track your progress and visualise a better future.

Now I expect a question from you 🙊

” That is what everyone writes in their diaries or notes, what’s new with this gratitude journal?”  Yes yes! Will explain it too.


Differences between Gratitude journal, Diary, Notebook and Planner.


Gratitude journal : This is writing about, what you are grateful for.
Diary: Writing, what happened in a day.
Planner: Noting, what you need to do.
Notebook: Writing, important points of any subject.
So, gratitude journal is all about writing down your things that make you feel good and feel grateful for.
To give you a good idea on what to write, I will list out some examples.


  • It felt soo good to taste my favourite dish today.
  • I was really strong enough, to deal that issue today.
  • It love this music and totally spent on it today.
  • Without this hobby, I would have missed a lot.
  • I’m happy for what I’m today, compared to last year.
  • I’m grateful to have that ability.
  • People I love are…..
  • I love my puppy a lot.
  • This plant is growing too good, waiting to see it’s fruits.
  • I really excelled playing guitar.
  • I’m lucky enough to have this family.
  • My friend is my asset.
  • I learnt this, newly today.
  • I never thought that, I would accomplish this.

This way it goes. All the random things that make you happy and make you feel lucky. There should be no place to negative thoughts or things, you couldn’t do, unless you feel grateful for them.

Based on these things, journals are of many types like

Types of Journals

Travel journal:

This is where you can write everything, related to your travel stories, experiences, your bucket lists.

Dream journal:

Some people really have many dreams, they keep on increasing their dreams from time to time. I’m one among them🙊. I dream more, list it and jump into the other, after accomplishing that. Non-stop dreamer😜

Food journal :

If you are someone, who loves to try new recipes and have fun, try recording the recipe , you will definitely enjoy it.

Art journal:

Artists! Show your talent and write down what all you did. In future, if you look at it, you will like it, like hell.

Project journal :

Not just the hobbies or interests, even works need a good support like writing journals.
This way, there are many types of journals, as per your interests.

But when coming to the way of writing, there is another journal called Bullet journal.

Bullet journal :
It is for someone who really have a big list of things.
  • So, this is usually written in a shorter form. Week, month, year all are shortly mentioned in a box or say a page.
  • Sentences are just like the bullets, short and sharp.
  • No lags or extensions.

This is all about the journals, their types and benefits.
Let’s know, your favourite part now.

What are the tips and ideas, I followed and succeeded in writing a Journal?


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Tips and ideas to main a Gratitude journal :

When I first started writing, searched for what I should write. Someone said to appreciate every little thing like the folded bed sheets, good smells,so I wrote them in my journal.

Example: I like my bed sheets, I like my dress.

Believe me! these are all the things I found, when searched for a journal content.
This may sound good at beginning, but when you really start writing these things, you may not feel so good about it. Because this is not you actually want.

I realised it and modified this concept of gratitude journal into a mixed one, where I succeeded🏆.

  • I started writing just the number of the day like, if it’s August 20, I wrote it as 20 in the page and listed what are all the things I must do today, what I completed yesterday in brief.
  • A doodle art
  • Time, I woke up.
  • Tick the things done, by the evening and go for the remaining ones.
  • Used different colours to keep it joyful.
  • I strictly kept it to myself and doodled and wrote whatever I wanted to.
  • I started writing all my checklists, future plans, goals.
  • Listed all my future goals, at least once in 15 days, to get to know where I’m now.
  • I divided my goals into daily, weekly, monthly. After that intonear future goals and far future goals.

Supertip: Using stickers and colurpens, tapesets, stensil sets, emojis keep you entertained.

I noted details of what I did like,

  • Greentea at morning,
  • Moonwater
  • Yoga for an hour,
  • Weight training twice in a week,
  • My favourite breakfast,
  • Lunch I cooked,
  • Snacks, I prepared or bought,
  • TV show I watched,
  • A call to friend,
  • Shocking news and how I got through it,
  • Massaging,
  • Planting,
  • Face mask I prepared,
  • Subject I studied.

So basically, I combined Diary, Planner, Notebook everything in Gratitude journal. Because I loved the feel that, I have a book for everything to share🥰

But I gave no space to my negative thoughts and to my shock, they really flew out of my way🤩

What I gained from Gratitude Journal

  • I got improvement in, planning practically.
  • My productivity doubled up.
  • Started keeping more efforts to accomplish my tasks, as it really feels good, to tick the boxes of checklist.
  • I really felt the days so Exciting and Productive.
  • I waited for the next day, with much enthusiasm.

When to write a Journal:

You can write the journal whenever you need, but the preferable timings are

  • Morning, after you wake up – Plan, what are all you wanna do in that day, write best things of yesterday and check it at night or evening.
  • Night before you sleep – You can really plan the things for tomorrow, so that you wake up with a clarity, no regret that you could not do it today, because you planned it  well for tomorrow.

Both Morning and Night have their Silver lines, but you choose it according to your convenience.

Tip: Never feel bad, when you miss writing journal for a day. No issue, you can continue it from the other day🙂

So chums, Hope you find this article useful. Go, Kickstart your productive life, start writing the Gratitude journal. Have a fantastic life.💃

Happy writing!✍️

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