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Best habits for Exercise, you must know – Do’s and Don’ts




“Work work work work, he said me haffi ,work work work work” – a hum, while leaving the doctor’s clinic😂 Yes! We doctors always advice to exercise.

But these,busy lives and busy schedules, left no time for workouts or exercise. Anyway we would find sometime to do it, for the sake of health.

But the consistency?😱 This is the thing, Majority of us lack. Believe me, this is very common. But also something, for which we must find a solution- knowing some habits to get maximum results.

Let’s follow them💪

Habits to follow✔️


Always start your exercise with a goal, that gives a zeal and a spirit to do. Never forget to divide them into

  • Longterm goal
  • Short term goal

Reach your short term goals well, you will be in the right place automatically.


Body demands a very good sleep, when you exercise. You can also notice a good change in quality of sleep when you start doing it, but at least 7-8 hours of sleep is needed. More sleep – More energy.


Keeping the body hydrated is always advisable, but when coming to exercise, it is mandatory. Drink more water to replace the waterloss, that happens through sweat. Dehydration is our enemy.


Imagine, a tired out day and a soothing massage at night? Heaven! Exercise and massage are good friends. They really like each other. Checkout some relaxing techniques here.

Protein :

You might have heard it many times, protein is very good for muscles and body. Yes,that’s absolutely right. It is the food, that help you in reaching your goals. Increase protein intake, when you start working out.

This applies both to lean and obese people. Protein (whey) shakes🥤 are good for health especially when you workout. Don’t go by the myths.


Plan Exercise before bath, or bath after exercise🙊. Warm water baths, relax your body and cold water baths activate, but both protect you from sweat and bacteria.

If you exercise in the mornings, bath with cold water and if in the evenings, warm water is preferable.

Keeping track📓:

Always track your progress. Compare your previous month stamina, to the present month.

If interested, you can even maintain an Exercise journal, to write down everything about your needs,schedules, achievements and goals of exercise.

Meditation🧘‍♂️ :

Exercise to body= Meditation to Mind. This helps you, to be in harmony with your life. Mental exercise + physical exercise make a great combo👌

Nutrition or diet🍲 :

Not just the Protein, start taking Zinc, Fibre and Vitamins in more quantities. Include fruit juices and veggies, more into your diet and you will really love eating it.

Don’t be in a wrong notion that, dieting means cutting down food. It’s never that.

Dieting is planning for a balanced meal. The secret of weight loss or weight gain lies in the Balanced diet.

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Hope😇 :

The most important, of all the things I mentioned. Without hope for good things , you can’t even raise a 1kg dumbbell with both of your hands.

As you are reading all these, you are already someone with a good hope,¬†which is appreciable🙂. This fetches you all the good things. Keep going, never look back.

Gym Habits


Weight or strength training is much needed to everyone. Even if you are obese or too lean or fit, weight training is mandatory. Plan it at least 2-3 times, a week. Don’t go just by Cardio.

Count reps:

While training with weights, reps or repetitions are important. Keep it to 12-16 or 10 according to the weight, you go by. Never run for too high counts.

Habits to leave immediately❌

Starving😧 :

Starving yourselves by cutting down the tasty foods, or something you love is a blunder. Why to miss the food you love? Plan a balanced diet according to your requirements and have one cheat meal day in a week, where you can really have, what you love.

It all lies in, how much interest you show on planning and following a diet. Don’t restrict, just plan it.


Never go for high expectations, be practical in deciding your goals. Impractical goals may disappoint you and take you away from exercise.

Asking others experiences and trainer’s advices may help you in this👍.

Junk foods:

You know this! High fatty foods, Oily, Sugary foods harm you. You are definitely aware of everything about junk food issues by this time.

All you should do is following, what you know🙂. Know their bad effects, then automatically you loose interest on them.

Going bed hungry :

Never go to bed, being hungry. Be logical and calculative, so that you can eat both healthier and filling foods.


What you take after exercise, gets absorbed into the blood very well. So be mindful while selecting what to drink.

Coffee, Alcohol, Soda does no good, especially after exercise, it’s a big NO. Replace them with protein shakes and juices.


Some people may discourage you and you may be one of them too. Never get away with hopelessness and dissatisfied feelings. What you are doing, will never get wasted remember that💪.

Gym Habits

Mobile phone📱 :

Stop checking the mobile phone frequently. I always see at least 5-6 persons in gym, with this habit.That’s a big and bad diversion you can ever get.

Enjoy yourself, for what you are really struggling for, appreciate yourself while doing exercise. Keep the mobile phone world aside, for those few minutes.

Distractions😟 :

Shyness or Overthinking about what others think or feel about your body is useless. Remember, everyone comes to gym to get something, no one is perfect.

So, you are now done! I hope, you will definitely find these useful.


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