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How to live happy – A Personalised Plan & Formula


Happiness plan


Hello chums!👋 Let’s give a look on how to live happily and make a Personalised happiness plan.

It really helps, if you are confused about your goals and clueless of what really makes you happy. Spend few minutes 🕐 focusing And you will get a plan for life.

Keep a paper and pen ready with you and let’s start. ✍🏻

Here is my well worked formula for you.

“Favourite (Personalities + Emotions + Actions+ Ambitions) = Happiness Plan”


1. List out your favourite PERSONALITIES names, be it celebrities or someone who really impact and inspire you.

  • Here I go with some examples:Michael Jackson, Ronaldo, A.R.Rehman, Sachin Tendulkar, Katty Perry, Vivekananda, Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin, Ilayaraja, A.P.J.Abdul kalam, Leonardo Da vinci,
    Saint Patanjali. Make your list now.

2. Write your heart felt EMOTIONS about them- How you feel and What you feel.

It’s like,

  1. I really love Michael Jackson’s musical compositions and dance, even today.
  2. Mr. Bean is such a happy soul, I really wanna live life that way.
  3. Being like Sachin, need guts.. How dedicated he is!
  4. How can someone create such melodious music every-time.
    Rehman is a boon to industry.
  5. Saints could gain intuitive powers by meditating. Their simple and dedicated life amaze me.
  • It goes this way. These are just examples of listing out. Choose your own thoughts and write down your feelings.

3. Recollect your happy past ACTIONS.

Come on! Run into your happy past now. I give you examples here too..

  1. Such a crazy day I remember, I dared to go to teacher and ask desperately to conduct an entertaining hour.
  2. Can’t forget that I stood first in the singing Competition.
  3. Trophy, that I received in Inter-college Cricket Tournaments.

This way it goes, recollect your happy past and write it down.

4. List out your highest AMBITIONS – which u feel like a bit hard to reach.

  1. To become a billionaire, entrepreneur
  2. Rock on a stage.
  3. Possess my own Dream home.
  4. Become a Cricketer.
  5. Must go on world tour.
  6. Eradicate this plastic on earth.
  • Now your are just left with sorting out all the things. Pick-out all the points u wrote and segregate them into groups.

Here I am adding the listed Favourite Personalities + Emotions + Actions + Ambitions related to same topic as one group.


Music: Michael Jackson (Personality) + How amazing his music is (Emotion) + I stood first in the singing Competition (Action) + I must rock on a stage (Ambition) = Happiness Plan.


5. Done! Now comes the application part of the formula in your life.

Add your favourites into your daily routine.

Try not to go by a single thing. You can plan for many Interests and Ambitions, as they act as “Plan B”, incase you loose your “Plan A”. Keep some time for these things in a day, for you.

  1. Health – Yoga
  2. Ambition – Practice hours ( Cricket, Music )
  3. Interests – Cricket, Music
  4. Inspiration- Biographies of your favourite Personalities.
  5. Entertainment – Relax with your favourite series ( Mr. Bean )

Now comes a good news for your exhausted brains.

“Your Happiness plan need not be a perfect or ideal one.” See how.

Ideal planĀ 

  1. Exercise for 2 hours.
  2. 8 hours of sleep.
  3. Super healthy diet.
  4. More time to Work & Limited time to Entertainment.

Your plan

  1. Even 30-45mins of Exercise can keep you healthy.🤸🏻
  2. 6-7 hours of sleep can be ideal.🛌🏽
  3. You can add cheat meals to your Diet plan and make it a customized one.🍫
  4. Equal importance to work and entertainment( Interests) 🎥


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I guess, you are super clear now, about what makes you happy and include them in your routine.

For better Understanding, check outĀ  Being Happy – A plan that worked well. You are well equipped warrior to go into a battle field now. Fight for what you love. Achieve it. Be happy. 😊

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