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Feeling hard to sleep? What is Insomnia, Is it curable?




Feeling hard to sleep? 😞 Waking up frequently in the middle of the night and earlier than you need to? Feeling unrefreshed even after a long sleep? 😰
All these are the symptoms of Insomnia.

It’s not an issue to get Panic, if it’s for a short duration or say for a week. But you definitely need to think on solving it, if it has been suffering you since long time.

What are the symptoms of Insomnia?

1. Fatigue
2. Concentration issues
3. Dark circles
4. Irritation and behavioural changes.
5. Headache
7. Malaise
8. Nausea

These are all the associate problems and symptoms of Insomnia, which may affect your quality of life in long run.

How long have you been in these issues? Check it now.

Types of insomnia based on the duration:

  1. Transient – If the sleep issues appear for 3 nights or for a week, this may be due to some sudden disturbing news or job changes or sudden losses.
  2. Acute- If the sleep issues persist for more than 2 weeks. You need to focus on this and try out everything you must do, to get rid.
  3. Chronic- If the sleep issues persist for more than a month, Man! You really need to get on this. Don’t let it destroy your peace any more.

Well now, what is your Insomnia type?

Types of Insomnia based on, when you get it:

  1. Onset or Initial Insomnia: This is when you feel hard to sleep at the beginning.
    Mostly due to Musculoskeletal pains, sprains, or any acute pain that is suffering you.
  2. Maintenance or Middle Insomnia: This is getting awake in the middle, more frequently or inability to maintain sleep after waking up in the middle.
    Seen generally due to Nocturia, Menstrual cramps, spasms of any kind.
  3. Terminal Insomnia : Waking up too early than you actually need to. You may feel irritated as you really wanted to sleep more but couldn’t.

When Insomnia occurs in the presence of other major health issues or due to them, it is generally called Co-morbid Insomnia.

What actually is causing this Insomnia?

Causes of Insomnia :

  • Too much of day sleep : when you have a habit of sleeping a lot at midday, it may affect the night sleep.
  • Stress : Our mind loves to take up small and short term stresses like the stress of the night before the exam day, or some night out party. They are all okay, if done once in a while.But imagine yourself keeping constant stress about something and regular night outs, it damages. So long term stress is harmful.
  • Lack of exercise : The biggest culprit ever! You know what, workout well and check how you fall into sleep unknowingly. Because your body demands more rest and takes it too.
  • No sunlight : As sunlight sets the biological clock in the body, it is very much essential to get exposed to daily dose of sunlight.
  • lifestyle disorders : Be it the busy schedule of work, Night shifts, Work loads, Academic Pressure, we tend to neglect good sleeping and eating habits, which are more directly responsible for Insomnia.
  • High screen time : Increased usage of mobile phones, Work laptops, Television has become a part of our lives.But, the problem here is with the screen lights that interfere with the secretion of Melatonin ( a sleep causing harmone).
  • High intake of Coffee, Spices and stimulants like Nicotine : You know this well, Coffee can stop your sleep and keep you awake for a long time.But this in long run affects the sleep cycle. Nicotine and other stimulants increase your Cortisol levels which make difficulty in sleeping.


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Medical causes :

These are some of the medical issues that can cause Insomnia.

  1. GERD
  2. Hyperthyroidism
  3. Arthritis
  4. Heart issues
  5. Parkinsonism
  6. Sleep apneoa
  7. Respiratory issues like sinusitis and asthma.
  8. Break in circadian rythm or biological clock.

How does it work? What is the mechanism that is leading to insomnia?

Mechanism of Sleep :

Here let’s discuss very briefly about mechanism.

Melatonin (a hormone secreted by the Pineal gland in the brain) and Adenosine, both regulate the sleep – wake cycle of body.

They are responsible for the Circadian rhythm or say the Biological clock of the human body. Melatonin secretion is stopped when we get exposed to lights.

  • Apart from these, there are many things and processes in our body that account to sleep like the Homeostasis, GABAnergic activity.
  • Any overactivity of Hypothalamus and Hippocampus, reduced activity of GABA, break of the internal clock, may lead to insomnia.So here are some effective, proven ways to get rid of insomnia.

Remember it’s always curable. Spend some time and set it right, Because sleep is the boon we have got in our lives.

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