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30 Little Things – That make you Instantly Happy


Instantly Happy

Hello chums!👋 Ever felt bored or sad for no reason? Ever thought of getting out of it? Even I’m into that list 🙊. I have tried different ideas I know, to become instantly happy and listed the best worked ones in the diary.

Today I’m glad to share those little ideas with you. Let’s jump into them.

  1. Going through the photos of Trip, Good hair days, Achievements, Friends, outings, parties.🖼️
  2. Doodling with colour pens. 🎨
  3. Re-Reading the Childhood books.👶
  4. Decorating the room. 🎈
  5. Grabbing earphones to listen the favourite music. 🎧
  6. Giving food to a beggar. 👍
  7. Writing a post card or letter to a friend or a phone call to friend. 📨
  8. Eating something we love. 😋
  9. Walking barefoot in sand. 👣
  10. Search the gift ideas for ‘ To attend events’ 🎁
  11. Walking on Terrace with music on.🎵
  12. Teasing or playing with the pet or sibling😜😺🚸
  13. Dance to the favourite song on our own choreography. 💃
  14. Going out for shopping of veggies. 🍄🍆
  15. Planting and watering.🌱
  16. Remembering the best moments of life.Get some blush.❤️😆
  17. Baking a cake. 🍰
  18. Reading a book, of love.📘
  19. Hearing to water sound or playing with water or take a bath 🌊🏊🏄🛀
  20. Reading our old diaries or preparation plans. 📝
  21. Cooking a new dish.🍽️
  22. Getting ready- Makeup, style up yourself to see the beauty of creation. 💄👑👌
  23. Taking a picture. 📷
  24. Arranging the book shelf. 📚
  25. Try playing an instrument. 🎸
  26. Smelling the favourite perfume.
  27. Giving a Massage to head or face with some good aromatic oil. 💆
  28. Taking a Nap for a while. 😴
  29. Surprising or showing love to our family members without any reason. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
  30. Being offline and giving ourselves some space. 📴

My favorite little things, which made me instatly happy

  • Cooking a new dish
  • Going through my photo gallery. I do this very often.
  • Dancing and listening to my favourite songs.
  • Water sounds are my favourite, they make me supercool readily.
  • Doodling or some art.
  • Phone call to a friend.

If these things could not make you happy, I suggest you something more effective. Try this, Being Happy- A plan that worked well

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