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Negative Thoughts – How to Come Out? 15 Proven and Effective Ways


Negative thoughts


Negative thoughts are common to humans, but when someone recognises and tries to get out of them, that’s really appreciable👏

Yes! I Really mean it. We might have confronted with many people in our lives, who don’t even identify that, they are almost sunk in negativity. We can clearly see and feel their negative vibes and sometimes suffer too. Sometimes their situations may make them so.

Anyway, firstly we must be very happy that we identified negativity in ourselves and trying hard to win over it. But, Let’s know why do we get negative thoughts?

Reasons For Negative thoughts:

  • Financial losses
  • Loosing someone
  • Health issues
  • Continuous failures
  • Family issues
  • Heart break by someone you love
  • Stress
  • Being with negative minded people
  • Overthinking
  • Feeling that you are unlucky
  • Regrets
  • Couldn’t able to do what you wanted.
  • Lack of supportive people
  • Bad news

and the list goes on. We can’t really give a number, as there are so many reasons. But whatever the reason may be, solutions for this problem, almost remain the same.

We can really change the negative thoughts, by following few things. Let’s follow them now.

Ways to Come Out of Negative Thoughts


1. Root Cause:

First step, in seeking solution to any problem is, finding the Root cause. What really made you to feel negative? What are your negative thoughts about? Who is making you feel so?
Does anything make you constantly to feel this way?

Question to yourself and know the cause immediately. Sometimes there may be several other causes too, list them out.

2. Expressing yourself:

Vent up your emotions. Tell what you feel or how much you suffer, to any of your loved ones. Remember there will be atleast one person, who can really understand you in your friend or family circle.

There can be many too. Find them, express and get relieved. Don’t hold back your feelings, as you may not find solution by yourself always. Take their opinions, suggestions and keep it clear. Don’t fight alone in this negative thought war. Take support👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Tip: If you really don’t find sharing to anyone, then talk to yourself in the mirror(positively), write your feelings and revise your best days (Tours, events, etc) once.

3. Listing out :

Don’t neglect this. Take a paper, list out all your achievements (even smaller-don’t judge) on one side and failures on the other side. Go back into those achievement moments😍

Now, write what all have you learnt from your failures, in the failures section. Feel really contented, for what you have achieved.

4. No Complaining :

Stop all your Complaints. What happened is happened. It may be others mistake or yours or nobody’s, but complaining it and blaming can no longer help you. Feel responsible this time, don’t let others hurt you soo bad.

5. Gossiping:

I know, Gossiping is not a bad word. It can be soo good that, you feel really free, when you gossip few things with few people. But, even it has a negative shade sometimes.

Constant gossiping leaves you nothing. Always thinking about someone’s life, their perspectives, is of no use and can affect our peace.

Always remember this saying:

  • Poor minds talk about People.
  • Average Minds talk about Events.
  • Great minds talk about Ideas.

Try being the third one.

6. To do list- Goals:

Don’t take them too light. To do lists, show a major impact on lives. It increases your productivity tremendously.

Firstly, set a goal, or write down your longterm goal into many short term goals. Then go step by step. Make a to do list everyday, strike them off in the nights, when they are done.

See, the happiness you get. Negative thoughts don’t even get near to you.


Supertip: Your goals need not be so big. Consider having small tasks as goals. Example : cooking a healthy dish is your goal for today. Accomplish and tick it in the list. You can observe a lot of difference, when you do something after writing it and when you don’t write.


7. New Hobby:

When you set your goals, you will be left with an idea of what you need to do now. Select a hobby related to that Goal. Or if it’s hard to find such, then go for your favourite Hobby. Do it regularly.

Tip: Improve the quality of your habits and choose the right ones. Planting, gardening, cooking, learning new language, craft works can be some of them.

8. News:

Avoid watching News for few days. Yes, it really helps you in focusing on your life. Give space to your own thoughts, don’t get messed up with the worldly troubles.

They happen anyway, of course your life is more important to you than others. Detach yourself from news channels or newspapers for few days at least, to get rid of the negativity.

9. Organised and Clean:

Did you ever feel like, Surroundings are affecting your thoughts. Yes, they do. Very small, suffocated houses, damp buildings show a negative impact and restrict your thoughts.

If possible, always prefer living in a good ventilated house. Organising the things is also important. Keep your room and table clean. Add your favourite items or artworks to it. Decorate and colour it.

Do You know? Disorganized things, unfolded clothes, clutter attract negative energy, which make you uneasy. Change them immediately.

10. Eating and doing Healthy:

You can’t imagine how much impact you get by Eating healthy and Exercising. That changes the whole body responses.

How can we really be positive without being healthy? Bad health is the first effective thing to push you into negative thoughts. So, start winning from it.

Spend time, Busy schedules are never the excuses for health care. Plan a diet and exercise for the whole week in advance and follow the clear path.

Meditate and follow the relaxing techniques, to improve your Mental health.

11. Dwelling in past:

Past! A word, which reminds you both of good and bad memories. Yes, the bad ones bother, but why can’t good ones bother? Let them bother you with much force. It’s in the control of your mind. Don’t let the negativity of past, to take over you now.

12. Social media:

You also find good posts and content in social media, no doubt about it, but the time you spend matters. Make sure it does not exceed 1hour in a day.

Don’t let your news feed, fill up with all the shit in the world. Just follow the useful content, good entertainment, motivational posts.

Motivation doesn’t just mean the quotes, it may be anything related to your Interests, Career and future goals too.

13. Gratitude Journal:

This is a very good option to keep you in track with your Positivity. Make a habit to maintain it and a noticeable change, is for sure. You can know everything about Gratitude journal here.


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14. Little things :

Little things-Big Impacts”  Most of the small things we do, bring a lot of positive vibes to us. To know this, identify the uneasiness you feel when you don’t brush your teeth in a day.

When they can affect you negatively, they can also affect positively. When you are upset or moody, try doing some good littlethings.

15. Negative people:

Last, but the Most important of all, kick out the negative people from your life. Living your life with negative people is like sailing a boat upstream. It becomes harder and harder as you move forward. There are few steps, you can follow:

  • Identify the Negative people
  • Stop arguing with them, for the next time
  • Distance them slowly
  • Never feel guilt, for what you did.


Infact, there are no people called Negative people. It actually means that someone, who really make you feel bad or low. They may be negative just to you, other may like them, no problem. It’s your responsibility to take care of your life.

Never feel bad to avoid them, it’s your right. Until and unless you are not deceiving them, you have every right to remove them from your life.

What if, your family person is a negative one to you? Firstly, try to solve it, tell them how you feel, if it does not work, try spending less time around them. Give affirmations to yourself that, you will be good and positive always👍


Supertip: Always try finding the purpose of your life. It will unknowingly keep you going good, in all times.


So, I know you would certainly follow these and find them useful in making your life so positive. Remember, Pain is not Permanent. Good days are at your gate.

Happy Positivity chums!😃

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