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What is Nutrition – Basics, Types of nutrients & Foods



Hello chums! 👋 Are you a food lover? Cheers! me too. We can never spend a single day without food inspite of a very busy schedule. Such important is the role of food in everyone’s life. Before answering you some questions like What is Nutrition?, it’s basics and types of nutrients, I would love to discuss something. Let’s go!

Why is food so important? Why are we so dependent on it?

Because food is something which nourishes the body, supplies energy and acts as a fuel of this human machine. So it has become human’s friend and support since ages.

In-fact our body itself is designed so. You know this all, but what is this nutrition? Well won’t lag it anymore😜

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the topic dealing with nutrients. Then what are nutrients? They are the essential substances required by body, that are found in food.

Food is basically a mixture of both Nutrients and Non Nutrients. Knowing about a Nutrient, it’s Function, Nature and How it works for us is Nutrition.

Some unknown nonliving substance is providing us what we need. Ain’t an interesting subject? Yes! Let’s know the impact of food on us first.

  1. It Energises.
  2. Builds body.
  3. Protects against Diseases.
  4. Regulates our Body Functions
  5. Unknowingly there are some, Psychological and Social impacts too.

So, what is a nutritious food? Which food is considered so?

Here, a single word gives us the answer to these questions. It is the “BALANCE”.

Right amounts and proportions of food is the best balanced food. As they say, anything in excess is fatal. It all lies in the balance.

Here we can note an example of Nutrition:

We all know our “Popeye, the sailor man”. Who is very much fond of Spinach. But what happens if someone takes healthy things in excess, is not shown in “Popeye show” 😝.

Of course it’s out of the subject for those childhood days, but it’s time to know this now

Spinach is also a rich source of Calcium but many do not mention it. When “Calcium” is taken more, body can’t take “Phosphorus”. Both of them are required for good bones and teeth, but excess of any of them leads to malabsorption of another one.

Because intake of Calcium is indirectly proportional to absorption of Phosphorous and Vice-versa. So this suggests us to take any thing in right amounts.

A brief look on the process :

We take the food- chew it – swallow it – it goes into stomach – then into intestines – nutrients move from intestines into blood – into cells – utilised for various functions.

  • The process from mouth to Intestines is called Digestion (complex substances into simple, utilisable forms)
  • And the process from intestines to cells is called Absorption.

Hope you got an overall look as i went so briefly.

Now let’s move a bit further, in knowing about our friends – “Nutrients”. Let me give you their Bio data.

Bio data of Nutrients:

  • Name : Nutrients
  • Habitat: Water, Plants, Animals, Soil.
  • Good at: Conducting the functions of human body.
  • Hobbies: Providing good health, Nourishing.
  • Feels happy when: Someone takes them right.
  • Gets angry when: Someone doesn’t consider taking them right.
  • Experience: Since ages.
  • Family: Belongs to a Giant Family.

Let’s peep into their family tree now😁

Nutrients are classified into two types.

Macro Nutrients (Contribute more weight to body)

Micro Nutrients (Contribute Less weight to body)

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals


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Well, all these types of nutrients are given some special designations and work patterns.

Carbohydrates and fatsChief function is to provide energy.
Protein Chief function is to build and repair tissues.
Water – Regulation of body temperature, Dissolving substances, lubricating, hydrating and bathing the cells of body.🥛
Vitamins and minerals – Protecting and regulating the functions of body.

So we went through a basic description of nutrients.

To be genuine, nutrition in depth, must be a part of our primary education 📚.┬áCoz it’s only then we get habituated and plan our food. But it’s not late to know anything, especially when coming to health.

Let’s consider all these nutrients as humans. Then immediately our mind is ready with some questions that, Why is….

  • Carbs man 🧍🏻‍♂️ rejected and targeted often?
  • Fat boy 🧑🏻 being considered as most stubborn?
  • Protein girl,🏃🏻‍♀️ most wanted?
  • Vitamin man and Mineral man 👬🏻 get invited more?
  • Fibre man and Cholesterol man are most wanted and Least wanted respectively.

Let’s discuss all these interesting funny things and about Balanced Diet in further posts.
Meanwhile happy Eating chums!

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