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Rainy season care – 2020, Tips for being healthy and safe


Rainy Season

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the drizzles of a rainy season? Yes we all love the Petrichor (smell of the earth after rain) too!😍. Monsoons with misty clouds, Green surroundings, Fresh air are best experiences we can ever feel.

This year monsoon is totally different from every year. It demands a special care, to keep ourselves healthy.

Usually rainy seasons 🌧️ are meant for their heavy rains, hot foods, festivals (in India), cosy home feels and wide variety of infections too.

And this year, we have Covid19 as an added issue. 😱

Anyway, as monsoons are really good for spending time with loved ones at home, while enjoying a steaming green tea ☕ or a hot soup, let’s not ruin it with health issues.

So, let’s look at what are all the things we need to care, this monsoon.

Rainy season care:

1. Foods :

Digestive system is very much prone to infections, in this season. Waterborne diseases take their hold. So,

  • Drink boiled and filtered water.
  • Say no to roadside foods.
  • Wash and clean the vegetables and fruits well.
  • To prevent cold- Exclude kulfis, ice reams, golas as much as possible. Common cold may increase the chance of being effected by Covid 19.
  • A big no to Panipuri (Golgappas), because it’s Covid time guys! Prepare at home instead.

Tip: Include Vitamin C rich foods, supplements and take lemon daily in any possible form.


2. Enough fluids :

Along with having plenty of water, also consider having healthy hot soups.

  • Herbal teas, Ayurvedic kashayam ☕ are precious as they are antibacterial and are much needed in this Pandemic situation.
  • Avoid Carbonated and Caffeinated drinks as much as possible, as they do no favour and instead harm you.

3. Mosquitoes:

  • Clear all the accumulated or Stagnant water, as they are the best homes for mosquito families.
  • Use Repellants and Nets to avoid Diseases like Malaria , Dengue.

4. Stay sanitized:

2020 has become an year of sanitization. Handwash lotions, sanitizers are in a sway. But be cautious in choosing the products too.

They should not make your hands dry. Be equipped with the sanitizers even when you leave out. Sterilize your things as heat is the best sanitizer to kill the germs.

5. Showers :

Take warm or hot showers 🚿 by adding few drops of Teatree oil or Rosemary oil to the water bucket, to keep you infection free. They also keep you warm and fresh in this misty weather.

6. Getting wet :

I know, few of you may like getting wet in rain, while others get ill. Whoever the one you may be, avoid drenching in the rain this year, because you may catch infections more easily, So try to chill out when its just drizzling.😅

Note of care: Diabetics must take more care to their feet, in rainy season, as constant wetting or moisture between fingers, may lead to fungal infections, which is not a good sign.


7. Touching:

Avoid touching your eyes, face with dirty hands as monsoon is the time for eye infections like conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers etc. Take utmost care while handling the toddlers as they are so sensitive to germs.👶🏻

8. Air purifiers:

Trust me! This is definitely a good idea. Make the home dry and damp free. Fill up the home, with the fragrance of incense sticks or cones.

Air purifying devices are suggestible, if you can afford. But nothing can really beat the natural Sambrani fumes.

9. Sunlight:

I know sunlight 🌞 is something rare to find in this season, but if you find it on any random day, don’t miss it. Come out of your home and enjoy the sun. Missing Vitamin D is not good. 🥺

10. Massage:

Who does not love massages? A massage 💆🏻 with hot aromatic oils can totally soothe you. This can relax both body and mind.

Enjoy doing your work and spending time with loved ones at home rather going out and put your health at risk.

But if you are a Frontline worker where you must go out even in this situation, on your duty, you need a special care. Let’s know about them.


Rainy Season Care – When you step out.

1. Carrying :

Take an umbrella 🌂, rain jacket or coat with you, wherever you go out. Rains may not mention when they come. 😜

2. Distancing :

Masks 😷, sanitizers, face shields are something you should definitely be equipped with.

3. Foot wear:

Wet shoes, doesn’t feel good. Avoid wearing shoes and make sure to take care, while walking on roads as electricity wires, slippery ways are dangerous.

4. Accessories :

In case you get wet, make sure to protect your expensive or most loved accessories like watch and jewellery.

Tip for you: Carry waterproof Rexin bags, as cotton ones are not suggestible in this season.


5. Haircare:

Wash your hair after drenching in the rain. Keep it dry and clean. Oiling your hair before going out is a bad idea for this season.

6. Clothing:

Better to avoid cotton dresses, as they absorb water more and make you feel embarrassed when drenched. Always prefer silk clothes in rainy seasons while going out.

So, let’s make this pandemic go away, by staying safe and at the same time don’t forget to enjoy the monsoon 😉.

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