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How to relax soon – 12 Ways for – vagal nerve stimulation


Vagus nerve

Hello chums! 👋 Here I come today with the most interesting topic. In-fact, the most demanded topic of these days. Everyone of us love to relax and be happy, but the situations won’t be good always.

So here is a Magical mantra to relax ourselves even after those stressful situations. Why getting under the control, when we have the power to control the stress? Excited?…let’s not make it late..

Hero here is the Vagus nerve. Ever heard of this nerve? It’s the Tenth cranial nerve. The longest and the most complex cranial nerve of the human body.

Cranial nerves originate from brain and connect to various body parts. All these cranial nerves are 12 lovely pairs. Vagus is one of those pairs.

What does this Vagus do?

It is a part of our Parasympathetic nervous system. As it’s name suggests, Vagus means a Wanderer. It wanders all through our body. It connects brain to Heart, diaphragm, intestines hence control all the vital functions like

  • Heart rate
  • Respiration
  • Digestion
  • Relaxing and Digestive functions

Stimulate vagus to relax:

What does this really mean? Can we really stimulate such a deeply situated nerve?
Yes! That’s the beauty.

Ain’t amazing that we can control our mood in stressful conditions?😇

Vagus nerve can be stimulated naturally and toned like a muscle at gym. Key is to use it often and modify our vagal tone. High vagal tone means, we can get back and relax fast, after stress.😊

Let’s know it’s benefits first and jump into the magical ways of stimulation.

Benefits :

  • Gives you a sharp memory.
  • Helps in the production of new brain cells.
  • Brings down the stress and relaxes you instantly.
  • Reduces the Inflammation in the body.
  • Lowers the Blood pressure.
  • Promotes Good Sleep.
  • Increases the Immunity.
  • Brings down the Anxiety.
  • Raises the Endorphin levels ( Happy hormones)
  • Keeps you Healthy and Happy. 💃

Ways to stimulate Vagus naturally, to relax

  1. Singing🎤:

    Vagus nerve is connected to the vocal cords and muscles at the back of throat. Singing can activate those muscles and stimulate Vagus nerve.

  2. Deep and slow breathing👃 :

    Take a deep breath focusing on the diaphragm movements. Exhale long and slowly. Exhale deep that your chest and abdomen slightly moves forward.You can consider “Anulom-vilom” here. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces anxiety.

  3. Exercise🚵🏋️ :

    Exercise improves both mental and gut health. We have heard many, regarding exercise and it’s benefits. It is known to release happy hormones which keep us happy and also increases the insulin sensitivity, to regulate Blood sugar levels.But the new good thing here is, it also stimulates Vagus nerve😍. You can go with :

    • Lifting weights🏋️
    • Walking 🚶
    • Cardio🏃
  4. Eye Excercise :

    Pressing your eyes and orbit areas slightly with the ring finger, is found to be effective in relieving the stress. Move your eyes around all the directions to activate your occular muscles.

    Try it after your busy work schedules to relax and soothe the occular muscles (Eye muscles).

  5. Face wash:

    Washing your face with cold water after the exercise, relaxes a lot as it activates vagus.

    Tip: Try dipping the face in a bowl of cool water to relieve yourself with all the stress.

    If not at-least use ice cubes 🧊 with different ingredients (like tomato or potato ice cubes) which serve you both the purposes of stress relieving and skin lightening.

  6. Meditation: 

    This does wonders. If you are not so good at stopping your thoughts, try mindful meditation 🧘🏻‍♂️, where you can get reminded of all the best thoughts about your strengths, loved ones, happy incidents. It greatly increases the vagal tone.

  7. Gargling:

    Gargling is known to activate the palate muscles and help to improve working memory.

  8. Chanting:

    Chanting Mantras vibrates the Vocal cords, Improves pulmonary function (Lung), Calms the mind, releases a positive energy and activates the muscles of Throat and Respiration. Check out Some effective Chanting mantras I found in Youtube.

  9. Laughing or Humming:

    Socialising with a positive peer society produce positive thoughts. Sit and have a good time laughing and interacting which favours in relaxation. Humming is better experienced in “Brahmari”. A very wonderful method of stimulating vagus.

  10. Yoga:

    A peaceful way of being healthy. Inverted poses 🤸🏻 like wheel pose, Plough pose , shoulder stand pose stimulate vagus very well.
    Pranayamas ( Breathing exercises) like Anulom-vilom, Kapaalbhathi, Udgitha, Brahmari, Agnisarakakriya must be included in the daily routine.

    • Special mention: Jaalandhara bandhana also called chin lock is magical in stimulating the vagus nerve. Sit calm, Take a deep breath so that you lift your chest upwards and then slowly lower your chin and rest it on chest. Take support of hand on knees. Release and repeat.
  11. Massage:

    Massage at-least once in a week or 15 days. A good massage of head and body works like a miracle.

    I personally conduct a massage campaign at my home😂 Every Saturday night (before we sleep).💆 It stimulates the whole Parasympathetic system and release soothing hormones.

  12. Omega – 3 fatty acids :

    We know about the healthy benefits of omega-3 on reducing heart diseases and many, but the research about it’s effect on increasing vagal tone really amazed me.

    As these are rich in salmon and Tuna fish. You can consider having them or at least opt for supplements.💊


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You can also treat many health issues by following all these techniques. Even issues like hiccups, hiatus hernia can be controlled by Vagal stimulation.
Check it here – Yoga For Hiccups

So, chums! Why late? You are all set to stimulate your vagus nerve and relax well.
Happy relaxing! 😀

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