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9 Major Home Remedies for Sleep issues – Insomnia, Things to avoid



It’s doesn’t feel good, when you are finding hard to sleep or when you wake up several times in the night and feel unrefreshed🤕.

Fine, it’s not always due to some serious health conditions or depression, rule out if you have any such reasons for Insomnia.

Some minor flaws in your daily life can make it happen🤷🏻‍♀️.

Let’s now deal with those changes, that you can make to win over sleep issues.

9 Major Changes and Remedies for a good sleep


1. Get a good sunlight:

Sunlight sets your biological clock in the body, which is responsible for the sleep in the night. Get in sync with the sun and moon always.

How much busy you may be in, spend at least of 10-15mins in the nature both at morning and evening.

2. Setting right the lifestyle:

You know how night duties affect the health of humans. Try not to get into those traps. Change your night shifts to morning shifts.

Run away from such unhealthy jobs or works, as you get money at the cost of your health,which is never excusable.

3. Exercising :

Trust me, thus is the best way to see very instant results. Start working out, if you are not doing. Add yoga into your daily routine, as it regulates Hormones and increases BMR (Basal Metabolic rate).

It will definitely make you fall asleep tonight. Check out these Yoga Techniques for Insomnia.

4. Therapeutic music:

Many of us are not aware of the benefits of music therapy over health issues. Many researches found music to show effective results on the people who listened to therapeutic ragas than to people who does not.

I highly recommend you to play the specific musical tracks designed only for sleep like this. Neelambari Raga – Sleeplessness

If you are a music lover, that becomes an advantage to you🎵.

5. Meditation and Breathe exercise:

Try Meditating or Pranayama( breathe exercise) before you sleep. Both stimulate vagus nerve, relaxes the whole body, calms your mind and definitely make you to fall asleep soon. Nothing can really compete with it’s relaxing feel.

6. A Good Head Massage:

I personally have done this many times. Our body needs massage💆🏻 at least once in a week. Try a good aromatic oil like lavender oil, camphor oil for massage, ask your loved ones for this favour.

This is undoubtedly a magical one. Feet massage with Hot sesame oil and a bit of camphor in it, also helps a lot.

7. Showers:

Take a Warm shower🛀 before sleep, it relaxes your muscles and make you sleep. Remember, Cold water bath makes you active and Warm water bath for relaxes.

8. Fragrance: 

Ever tried some incense, for a good sleep? you can definitely try having a mild fragrance in the room, you sleep.

But choose the right flavours, orange and citrus flavoured fragrances may make you active, rose may make you romantic, so for the sleep, lavender is suggestible. Smells show a lot of impact.


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9. Food:

Well, now let’s look at the little things that may help you.

  • Coriander juice + sugar : Take few coriander leaves and make them into juice   and have it with some sugar. The flavonoids in coriander are known to cause sleep, if taken more.
  • Hot milk + Honey: Usually consider having low fat milk or cow milk. Make sure you give a minimum gap of 2 hours between dinner and sleep.
  • Bananas, almonds, cheese: Add these kinds of foods into your dinne,r so that their high tryptophan content gives you a good sleep.

Things to avoid for a Good sleep:

  1. Too much of day sleep
  2. Bright lights
  3. Noise
  4. Bad mattress and bed
  5. Stress
  6. Depression
  7. High Screen time and Screen lights before sleeping.
  8. Too much of Caffeine
  9. Excess of Spicy foods
  10. Fatty foods

Also try Yoga poses for Insomnia, along with these home remedies, for effective results.😊

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