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6 Benefits of Tomato for skin – Home remedies and Other benefits




Majority of us are lovers of Tomatoes 🍅, be it a Hot Tomato Soup or Tomato Curry, Pizza Sauce, we love it. It’s really good that a very common ingredient of our recipes and daily food items has a lot of benefits for skin and hair too. Tomato for skin is a Boon.

Do you know : A cup of tomato juice can give the total daily requirement of Vitamin-C 😇


Let’s look at the nutrients list of Red and cute tomatoes 🍅.

  • Vitamin-A,
  • Vitamin-B – 1,3,5,6,9,
  • Vitamin-C
  • Potassium,
  • Magnesium
  • A wonderful Carotenoid called Lycopene.

Do you know? Tomato is a fruit, which isĀ  kept wrongly into vegetable list.


Benefits of Tomato for skin :

Tomato can help well in skin issues like,

  1. Sunburns or tan: The lycopene in tomato, is photo protective in nature. It may not replace sunscreen lotions, But definitely support in protecting the skin from Sun.
  2. Dead skin: Tomato is well known as an exfoliating substance. Tomato along with the sugar is rubbed on the skin as a scrub.
  3. Ageing: As it has Vitamin-B which is important for skin health and Vitamin-C, which promotes production of collagen, It helps in removing and prevention of wrinkles, fine lines etc.
  4. Inflammation: Inflammation is the process behind acne as you all know. Tomato has an effective anti inflammatory action.
  5. Skin cancer: Free radicals in the skin cause damage and lead to “Basal Cell or squamous cell carcinoma(Skin Cancer)”. The lycopene and Vitamin-C can
    greatly fight against them.
  6. Wounds: Being a rich source of Vitamin-C, Tomato is also good at promoting the wound healing process.

Do you know? Tomato juice helps in removing the dirt in the pores of skin. They can moisturise too.


Let’s know how to use Tomato:

Tomato does more favour to the skin and hair when taken inside, rather to apply it on skin or hair. Internally it does wonders.

  1. You can make a simple juice out of it and add pepper and salt to taste.
  2. You can add it in your recipes by making into a puree. Or
  3. You can have it directly.


Tip: Try eating along with the peel, as it is rich in lycopene.


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How to use Tomato for skin:

  • Cut a tomato into two halves and rub onto skin simply, wait and wash it.
  • Mix the tomato juice or pulp with Curd or Cucumber or Aloe vera or Avocado or Gram flour.
    Choose the second ingredient based on your skin type.

      • Oily skin likes tomato with Gram flour, Aloe vera and turmeric too.
      • Dry skin likes it with, curd or avocado.
  • Half cut tomato with sugar on it, which can be used as a natural scrub.
  • Apply tomato juice on the hair which makes it glossy, due to it’s acidic nature.

Super Tip: Do you feel lazy to make all these? Good Idea is to make it once and use it daily. Prepare ice cubes out of tomato juice and Aloe vera gel and rub them Daily onto your skin. It works like magic.


Other uses of Tomato include :

  1. Reducing the risk of Heart Diseases or Stroke, as they deal with blood clots and Cholesterol.
  2. Supporting for a good Digestion.
  3. Easing the Menopausal issues.
  4. An out dated tomato ketchup can be used as a vessel cleaning agent.
Caution :
  • If you are allergic to tomatoes, then test it on skin before using.
  • Processed tomato juice products, contain high amounts of sodium and sugar. Opt for the homemade juice.

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