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Work From Home (WFH) Tips 2020 – 10 Ways to take Care of Yourself


Work from home

Who doesn’t want cool and relaxed “Work from Home” days, munching the favourite food, having all the fun while working. But is it really possible in this busy world of pressures? And it’s almost Yes.

Some Minor changes in your daily routine, can give you what you need. You can clear all the regrets you have and start doing what you love. Let’s know how.

Work From Home Tips


1. Recollecting :

Just get reminded of the days, when you eagerly waited for the holidays, and wished strongly for a break from the busy life. Everyone really needed a change in their lives and Covid-19 has given that.

Feel blessed, for what you have been given. Realise that this is the precious time, you always wished for. Accept it, as you can never get such. After this anyway you gonna face all the travel burden, timing issues and the routine busy life. Don’t forget, to enjoy this time🤩

2. Environment :

Start a new life. Yes, consider it as an opportunity to restart your dream life. Create a good working environment, set a place at home, to work 👨🏻‍💻. If you are someone who can’t stick to a single place, well you can set 2-3 places for your work.

All you have to do is, check the place for a Good lighting, Less Noise and Proper Laptop arrangement. Clean it and keep organised.

Decorate the table or the place with your favourite things, Motivational quotes or images, lit a Sage or Incense sticks or Diffusers to make it more cool. Make it, in a way that you really wish to spend time there. Use all your creativity.

3. Check Lists:

This is the Important one. Always start a day by Gratitude Journal andĀ  Planning what to do. Write down all the things you want to do in a day and strike it when you do.

This gives a lot of satisfaction to you. Include your Pending works, Interests in the plan.

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4. Hobbies :

List out all the things you have been thinking of to do. Be it a Song recording, Cooking a dish, Learning an instrument, Playing a game, Loosing the weight or anything.

Add them in the plans and keep at least 1 hour per a day for them. Remember, your travelling time, is useful now, for many beautiful things.

5. Daily Specials :

Divide and distribute, all the works you love, in that 1or 2 hours you get in a day. Try different habits.

Example: Monday for some Motivational movie, Tuesdays for a Prayer, Self care, Wednesday for Music or Instrument learning, Thursday for Reading a book you love, Friday for Dancing or Gaming.

These are just the examples, you can plan whatever you want in this way. Trick here is, the weekend plan. Keep your weekends for Cooking and for the Meal plans. Let’s know them.

6. Meal Plans :

Your Diet, Meal frequency, Meal pattern decide your health by almost 70%. Rest is your Physical activity. So, the best trick in gaining a Good health is to plan your meals (Balanced diet) in advance.

Plan your Weekends for this, as Cooking or Eating is fun anyway.

Weekends: Cook what you love, have few cheatmeals, plan meals for the whole week, prepare some munchings for the work hours.

Because most of us, really want to eat something Healthy and Tasty when we work, but don’t find time to prepare it in busy week days. So, it really feels good, when you prepare them in advance.

Groceries, Vegetables and Fruits purchase can all be arranged for the week, on weekends. So, make a balanced diet plan for every meal you have. Lovely people need good plans to maintain their loveliness.🙊😜

7. Relaxing:

Do you know? Stimulating your Vagus nerve can relax you very soon. And the body stretches are one among those Relaxing techniques.

Stretch it, twist it and make it Active. Take breaks in your work and follow Simple exercises and hydrate body with fluids.

Believe me, this really increases your Working capability. Body stretches rank one among all the relaxing techniques.

8. No Negativity :

One simple thing- Avoid news for few days. If any important news, you will automatically get to know it by your Insta or Whatsapp too.

These days, news is all about the Covid-19 things and you really don’t need to swim in that sad ocean repeatedly.

Stay away from Negative Thoughts, be it people or things that make. Instead, Keep in touch with your Family Doctor and stay updated of the Pandemic care.

And that’s really enough. Live in a your own world of plans and happiness for this year, as you can’t get the chance again.

9. Breaks:

Along with the small breaks you take while working, it’s also important to avail your Casual leaves. Don’t save them too much for future, you need a good present time too. Spend a good time with family even in the working days.

Explain all the works you do, the responsibility you have and your interests to your partner or family members, so that you can get a good support from them, in your laborious works. That’s the most valuable thing ever.

10. Sleep:

Sleeping🛌🏼 for 6-8 hoursĀ is good for health, is what everyone say. But do you know? At what time you sleep, is more important than for how much time you sleep.

Yes. Sleep at right times. Night duties are good for ruining your body, which leads to health issues like Insomnia ruin your health. Shift to the proper working hours and follow a good sleep timing.

This is all you can do for a beautiful Work From Home feel. And don’t forget to get sanitized frequently.

Happy Working guys!

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