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How to start YOGA- Easy Poses, Basics and Techniques



Come! Start getting the benefits of Yoga. Start balancing both your Physical and Mental health. Yoga is for all of us, Children or Adults, Weak or Strong, Active or Inactive, Flexible or Rigid, Experienced or Beginner whatever.

You are always welcome into the world of Yoga🤗 Ain’t it interesting?

Yoga is not just about, Perfect poses and Super flexibility, it is our friend accepting our flaws too. Never hesitate starting or doing it.

No one ever got a perfect pose directly in the first attempt, it’s all the practice. So, let’s know how to start it now👍

How to start Yoga?

First step in this is, deciding your Agenda. Get a clarity about your requirements, as this makes you easy to achieve it.

1. Why are you in a plan to start it?

  • Health issue
  • Good life style
  • Fitness
  • Mental health

Whatever your goal may be, don’t stop!🏃🏻‍♀️

2. Requirements :

  • Find a Best place for Yoga
  • Take a yoga mat or something you feel comfortable to lay on
  • Attend your nature calls
  • keep your stomach empty
  • Stay with hope, it’s really gonna work.

3. What Yoga Includes?

  • Simple Exercises (Sookshma Vyayama)🧎🏻
  • Poses (Aasana) 🤸🏻
  • Breathe Exercises (Pranayama)👃
  • Dhyanam (Meditation)🧘🏻‍♂️

Let me give you a brief introduction to them.

Simple Exercises :

These include the Warm-ups which are recommended for everyone. If you are a beginner, you can do yoga with only simple exercises, for few days. Later you can learn more. Simple exercises are the basics of Yoga.

Poses :

These are the Core of Yoga. Even if you are a beginner or restarting it after many years, you can undoubtedly try many Simple or Easy poses, which are too easy and beneficial.

Don’t worry about the injuries or malpractice of Pose. That never happens when you start with easy poses. Let me give you some Easy Poses List too.


This is the most important part of Yoga, where it regulates the whole body and the mind even. You may not find these more interesting, but I will make you to feel them interesting.


This is nothing but Meditating. After completing the above steps, you must end Yoga with this for awesome results. But as a beginner, you can plan it intially just for twice or thrice a week.

So, let us now know how to do all these.

4. How to do Yoga?

Will give you the simplest Warmups, Poses, Breathing techniques along with their procedures now.

a. Simple exercises :

They focus on group of the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and openings. Start the first few days of your yoga with Simple exercises. You feel so happy and contented for that.

Focus on your joints in an order, starting from the fingers.

  1. Finger joints: Close and open your fingers
  2. Wrist joints: Rotate your wrists in a circular motion, both clock and anti-clock wise.
  3. Shoulder joints: Raise both your hands up first, later raise the alternate hand and other one down.Repeat for 5-10 times.
  4. Shoulder rotate: Place your arms on shoulders and rotate the shoulders in a circle.
  5. Twist: Give a twist to your belly by turning your upper body back, not the neck. stand straight and turn back.
  6. Spine rotate: Spread your legs wide and start rotating your lowerbody like twerk or belly dance.
  7. Bend down: By standing with two legs closer, bend down and forward to touch your toes. You may not reach toes in starting days, but you can easily get it with a regular practice.
  8. Leg raise: Stand up and raise a leg forward and then backwards alternating with the other leg. Try to maintain your balance.
  9. Knee joints: Bend your knees and rotate or move circularly on them. Like you are kneeling down.
  10. Ankle joints : Rotate them both clock and anti-clockwise.
  11. Toes: Stand up on your Toes and then down. Repeat for 10 times.

By this you complete a very good Warmup Session of your body. This really keeps your body so flexible and prevents you from the Sprains, Joint pains and Cramps.

b. Poses :

Going with Easy poses first is a very good idea. Simple exercises warm up your body and make it ready to be flexible for the Poses.

Try doing these Poses slowly. Never try to attain the final pose in the first step itself. You can do the below Easy Poses in the given Order.

  • Tadasana or Mountain pose
  • Vrikshaasana or Tree pose
  • Parsva Tadasana or Palm tree pose (Standing side bend)
  • Ardha uttanasana or Half standing pose
  • Adho mukha svanasana or Downward facing Dog pose
  • Utkata konasana or Goddess pose
  • Malaasana or Garland pose (Yogi squat)
  • Baddhakonasana or Butterfly pose
  • Ardha Mathsyendrasana or Half seated twist
  • Bitilaasana or Cow pose
  • Marjaryasana or Cat pose
  • Baalaasana or Child pose
  • Bhujangaasana or Baby Cobra pose
  • Savaasana or Corpse pose
  • Sapta suchirandhrasana or Wind shield wiper pose
  • Sethu bandha sarvangasana or Bridge pose

keep this list in your mobiles and then try doing each of these poses slowly. Then after few days you can plan them in a cycle.

You can try the related poses after practising these. always try practising the difficult pose daily as you would definitely get it gradually.

c. Pranayaama: 

Any Respiratory issues, Psychological disturbances, Stress, Heart issues, name any health trouble, you will find a solution by Pranayaama.

It regulates the Respiration, Stimulates Vagus nerve , Releases many Hormones that soothe and relax you. These can change your life like miracle. There are many easier ways to do Pranayaama which will be discussed in our further posts.

Basic Pranayama techniques like

  • Anulom-Vilom
  • Kapaalabhathi
  • Brahmari
  • Agnisarakakriya

Can be tried by anyone. It is better for the beginners to start with taking several  deep breathes and then Anulom-Vilom.

d. Dhyanam: 

Meditation is something Divine. Many of us have not really seen the benefits of Meditation in our early lives, but it is something which you can start doing at anytime of your life.

You can simply sit on your chair and meditate. mental health is well maintained and body realy supports you in every aspect.

There are many types of Meditation and you can choose the best one that suits you.

Now you know all the basics and overview of Yoga. This is how you can start doing Yoga to get the best benefits. Implement, Practice and Keep yourself Healthy and Happy😃

Happy Yoga Time guys!

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