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Yoga for Hiccups – Poses and Procedures to cure


Yoga for hiccups


Well, any health issue of the body has a treatment with yoga, even the hiccups. Before trying yoga, you can also go with some home remedies, which are really beneficial for hiccups. Check How to stop Hiccups – 10 Home Remedies & Causes

Vagus or Phrenic nerve irritation is the main cause of Hiccups, as it makes our diaphragm to contract continously. Let’s know some yoga techniques , which focus on relaxing the diaphragm and decreases the nerve irritation.

Yoga Techniques for Hiccups :

  • Deep breath (Anulom vilom) : Close a nostril and breath in deeply by another nostril. Hold it for few seconds and then exhale through the same nostril. Repeat it alternatively with both nostrils.
    • This focuses on your diaphragmatic movements and tones it.
  • Chanting Om (Udgitha) : Take a deep breath and release it gradually by saying OM.
    • This rectifies the respiratory pattern and also the diaphragmatic contractions.
  • Inverted poses : – Poses like shoulder stand ( Sarvangasan), and plough pose ( Halasan) are very effective techniques for hiccups.
    • ¬†Help in stimulating vagus nerve which stops irritating diaphragm.
  • Humming sound (Bhramari) : Close the eyes with middle and ring fingers of both hands, placed horizontally on both eyes and index fingers above the eyebrows.
    Now close both the ears with the thumbs and start humming.

    • The vibrations, activates the palate, throat, ears which is the pathway of Vagus nerve.
  • Jalandhara bandhana (chin lock): Sit calm, fold your knees and keep your hands on both the knees. Take a deep breathe raising the Chest and then lower the chin to towards your chest. Release it.
    • This works well on the diaphragm.

Try these, when hiccups annoy you, but never forget to be cautious. Don’t try inverted poses or Pranayamas (breathing exercises) on full stomach. Consult doctor before performing these, if you have Respiratory issues, Hypertension and any other chronic disorders related to Throat, heart.


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