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Yoga for Insomnia – 7 Best Poses & their Benefits



Yoga can really help you in getting rid of Insomnia, even though if you have any underlying health issues. Infact, it’s the best way to treat such.

Let’s know some Poses, which you can easily perform on bed before sleeping.

Yoga Poses for Insomnia


1. Praanayama:

This is the best way to stimulate the vagus nerve, that relaxes your whole body. This calms and soothes your mind and let you sleep peacefully.

You can try this on the bed, for few minutes and can fall asleep. Meditation and Pranayama are always soothing and you must do them, when you are stressed out, to see the results.

2. Cow pose – Bitilasana:

Begin with the hands and knees on the bed. Keep your spine straight. Make sure that your knees are in straight line with your hips and shoulders with your wrists.

Engage your abs and look upward by stretching the neck. This massages and stimulates the organs in the belly and soothes the mind.

‌3. Cat pose – Marjaryasana:

This pose, always follows the cow pose. Be in the same position as cow pose and release the breath and move the neck downwards , look down and round your spine.

Here you don’t need to push the chin to chest. Perform cow and cat poses alternatively.

‌4. Extended Puppy pose – Utthana shishosana :

Sleep invertedly and raise your hips and back while folding you knees, so that your heart is in a higher position than your head. Extend your arms to the upwards.

This gives a very good sense of calmness, relieving the stress and anxiety. It is also good at relaxing the tension in upper arms, shoulders and neck. ‌

You can try: Just by stretching the knees and not leaning totally on hands, you will land into dolphin pose.

‌5. Bridge pose – Sethu bandhasana :

This is nothing but the inverted back bending and interlocking your hands which are placed under your back, on the bed. Make An arch with the belly. Take support on your shoulders.

This helps in alleviating the stress and mild depression too. It calms brain, central nervous system and improves digestion.

‌ 6. Leg wall up pose – Viparitha karani:

A very calming pose for morning and bedtime meditations. It relaxes both body and mind, lowers heart rate and facilitates return of blood to heart.

‌7. Corpse pose – Shavasana:

This is the most relaxing pose, but only after you do the other Poses 😂. Never start with this pose. It’s always done at the end of the session, so do it after you have tried all Poses, that you can do.

Face your palms facing upwards and legs a bit wide. This is known to treat insomnia, high blood pressure and depression.

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Some other Yoga Poses

  • Sarvaangasan or Shoudlerstand pose: Sleep on bed and raise your legs and waist up, supporting them with both hands and resting whole body on the shoulders. Make sure you raise and hold them at 90 degrees to the ground.
  • Plough pose or Halaasana: As a continuation to the shoulder stand pose, bringing back the legs to the upside of your head, touching the floor with the toes, keeping the legs and knees straight, you get plough pose. Take care to keep your neck relaxed, otherwise it may hurt your neck muscles.These poses can also be included with Home remedies of Insomnia, to get quick changes.

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